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Environmental Education

Who is an environmentalist? This is a concept we explore in our district’s Environmental Education program, with our Vision of the Graduate as our guide. Our goal at GUFS is to cultivate the next generation of environmentalists who are curious, empathetic, problem-solvers who work as a team to achieve a common goal! Environmental Education is interwoven into Pre-K-8 science, social studies, ELA, math, and art programs and is built to align with K-8 standards. Students are offered learning experiences that are cross-curricular and project-based, through an environmental lens. We utilize our 181-acre school forest as a classroom to enhance learning opportunities and platform for students to understand concepts in the real world.

GUFS Youth
Climate Summit

Design Project

Middle School

Our Environmental Education program utilizes a STREAM program, offered to all middle school students. These students are given the opportunity to solve real-world problems via the engineering design process. Failure is welcome in our STREAM courses, as it provides the best opportunity to learn! Students in STREAM engineer renewable energy solutions, connect with themselves, others, and nature through nature journaling and use of the forest, complete projects from multiple stakeholder perspectives, and research and educate the Garrison community on eco-practices everyone can implement to make a greener future.

Garrison is the proud host of the Youth Climate Summit, initiated and planned by students, staff, and community members, each with a shared passion for the environment. These summits provide both the perspective of experts and a space for students across the county to engage in positive environmental discourse that helps to turn climate anxiety into climate action!

Rachel Arbor

Coordinator of Environmental Education & Science Teacher