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Student Devices and Digital Equity

The Garrison Union Free School District is committed to ensuring all students have access to the tools needed for success in their educational experience. Additionally, we are dedication to ensuring all stakeholders, including faculty, staff, administration, parents, and community members are able to easily and effectively access and utilize this technology.

Student Devices

Our current device model is built around the Google Workspace platform. All students and staff have district-managed Google accounts which give them access to a vast suite of productivity and creativity tools, including district email. Learn more about this platform in our Google Workspace for Education Notice to Parents and Guardians. Students utilize district-owned Chromebooks to access these tools.

Elementary students (grades K-5) have access to classroom carts of devices which are used when appropriate throughout the school day. Middle School students (grades 6-8) have one-to-one devices, meaning they are each assigned a Chromebook which is used both throughout the day in school, and at home. Middle School students are expected to take care of their devices and bring them to school each day, fully charged.

Any families who have additional technology needs, including limited access to devices or a reliable Internet connection should reach out to Mrs. Emig ( for support.