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Sora Digital Library

The Garrison Union Free School District has partnered with SORA and the PNWBOCES Consortium Collection to provide a huge library of digital texts to our students and families. Sora is a state-of-the-art reading experience with…

  1. Powerful tools (Add bookmarks, make notes and highlights, define words, and more)
  2. Fixed-layout support (Comic books, graphic novels, picture books, and textbooks as they’re meant to be read)
  3. Read-alongs (Select titles have professional narration so you can follow along with the text)
  4. Reading settings for everyone (Adjust the font type (including dyslexic font), font size, and lighting in most books)
  5. Synced progress (Your place, bookmarks, notes, and highlights sync between devices, so you can pick up right where you left off)
All available on any device. We have also partnered with the Mid-Hudson Library System through our very own Desmond-Fish Public Library to provide access to their extensive digital collections as well, without the need for a public library card. The goal is to get as many books in the hands of students as possible, removing any barriers to the joy of reading.