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students practicing yoga
kids on the swing set
Boscobel trip
Kids gardening
kids lunch bunch
students outside
students practicing CPR
Movie Night for students
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The Garrison Mission

We are dedicated to creating a mutually caring, respectful and stimulating environment to foster self-esteem and love of learning by empowering our children to excel academically, socially, creatively and physically.

2022 Rock and Bicycle
2022 Spring Concert ES
Climate Summit
Climate Summit Turtle
Playing with Tinker Toys
Art with Markers
Student working on a project
Marble Pendulum
Students Collaborating
Percussion Instruments
Art Class, Student Drawing
Be Kind Artwork
Students Playing Outside
Beauty is in Diversity
Student-made Mask
Art Printmaking Project
Garden Sign
Flowers Craft

Our Vision of a Graduate


Garrison students are fluent readers, interpreters, and sense-makers within the multiple modalities in which they receive information.

& Expression

Garrison students are expressive written, verbal, and artistic communicators.

Critical &
Creative Thinking

Garrison students are critical thinkers who analyze, evaluate, and effectively solve problems.

& Resilience

Garrison students explore their curiosities, believe in their capacity to learn, seek to understand when/why things don’t work and persist to overcome challenges.

& Empathy

Garrison students have a strong moral ethic, value honesty, and make choices based on the best considerations of themselves, their environment, and others.

Equity, & Inclusion

Garrison students value themselves and others, and are committed to equity and improving the world around them.