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The Garrison School Forest

As part of our campus, the Garrison School includes a massive School Forest, consisting of 181 acres located directly adjacent to the main building. The forest, located in the area bounded by Routes 9D and 9, and Route 403 and Snake Hill Road, was donated to the District in the early 1960s for educational purposes and for the enjoyment of the community. A volunteer School Forest Committee watches over the Forest and reports to the Board of Education.

Please take a moment to review the forest rules, then download our trail map, and then enjoy a hike in the Forest!

Do you want to get involved in citizen science opportunities yourself? Here's a list of ways you can do it - for free!"

  1. STEAM & Environmental Competitions you can participate in outside of school
  2. iNaturalist - partner with global scientists to identify the flora and fauna around us!
  3. eBird - learn about the birds in your area through pictures, texts, and their calls!
  4. PictureThis - identify the plants in our region with one click of a button!
  5. Globe Observer - partner with NASA to collect and share data on cloud cover, trees, and much more!
  6. Zooniverse - participate in global citizen science projects!
  7. SkyView - learn more about our night sky with this interactive app!